The ‘HR Strategy for Researchers’ supports research institutions and funding organizations in the implementation of the Charter & Code in their policies and practices.
The implementation of the Charter & Code principles by research institutions render them more attractive to researchers looking for a new employer or for a host for their research project.
The European Commission recognizes with the 'HR Excellence in Research Award' the institutions which make progress in aligning their human resources policies to the 40 principles of the Charter & Code, based on a customized action plan/HR strategy.
The HRS4R has three phases to be followed:
• Phase 1 –Initial Phase – with the endorsement of the C&C and the application for the HR Award including the following documents:
- Gap Analysis
- OTM-R Checklist
- Initial .Action Plan Design
• Phase 2 – Implementation Phase of the Action Plan and its revised version after the interim assessment
• Phase 3 – Award Renewal Phase.

The H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement (General MGA: August 2014) devotes Art. 32 to ‘Recruitment and Working Conditions for Researchers’. This article is not an evaluation criterion; therefore following a check, audit, extension of audit findings, review or OLAF investigation, the H2020 grant beneficiary may be requested to provide evidence that Art. 32 has been duly applied. Within this frame, the HR logo may be considered a proof-although not the only one-of the implementation of the Charter and code principles.