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The IdiPAZ Training Plan includes the training offer from HULP (Continuing Education), the offer from UAM (Postgraduate Education) and implementation of a training offer from the Institute itself adjusted to its strategic objectives and linked to detecting new training needs, defined by the Institute. The design of the Plan includes source and recipients such as health care professionals with research activity and research professionals.
The courses offered by IdiPAZ itself respond to the training needs not covered by IdiPAZ institutions and is the result of communication with Area Coordinators and Directors of the Group, and the analysis of the Needs Assessment Survey sent to members of the institute. The Support Services and the educational structures of the Institute will respond to this demand which can also be referred to external educational structures.

Operating procedures governing the process
Training Plan Development
• Compilation of offers Continuing Education HULP (Nursing, Medicine) and UAM (Postgraduate)
• Assigning keys to training activities
• Analysis of new proposals and definition of the training offer from IdiPAZ itself. Assessment of its Funding and Accreditation
• Generation of the document IdiPAZ Training Plan (integrated offer CF-HULP + Postgraduate-UAM + IdiPAZ own offer)
Detecting training needs of the centre
• Needs assessment surveys to be performed in the 4th quarter of previous year
• Interviews with Research Area Coordinators, Group Directors and Heads of Support Services
• Review of the strategic objectives of the Institute
Presentation and approval of the Training Plan
• Direction from the Institute for ratification of the document by the Governing Council
• Continuing Education Committee HULP and relevant body UAM



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