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The Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research Biobank (IdiPAZ Biobank) is a platform of support service to the Institute's research, product of the integration of different pre-existing nodes with a long and fruitful research trajectory within the University Hospital La Paz. The IdiPAZ Biobank which works to obtain, store, manage and distribute large collections of human biological samples of diseases of interest for researchers.

In 2020, the Biobank increases its capacity with the incorporation of new scientific-technical services, and as result the platform has been renamed as Platform for Biobanks and Biomodels of IdiPAZ.

This service is created with the collaboration of the University Hospital La Paz, the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the University Hospital La Paz (FIBHULP) and the Carlos III Health Institute, being integrated into the Network of Hospital Biobanks (RetBioH). The Biobank of the University Hospital La Paz - Institute of Health Research of the University Hospital La Paz –IdiPAZ is registered in the National Biobank Network of the Carlos III Health Institute with the code B.0000684.
The Platform for Biobanks and Biomodels of IdiPAZ (PT20/004) belongs to the National Biobank Network (RNBB) ( to support research in Biomedicine and Health Sciences from Strategic Health Action 2017-20203 of the Carlos III Health Institute. 
The Biobank of IdiPAZ was certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard within the scope of IQNet Certificate IdiPAZ Number ES-0512/2018.


The main objective of the IdiPAZ Biobank is to promote biomedical research, which will increase and improve the quality of scientific production in Spain. This is a specialized work in the management of human biological samples and their associated data for biomedical research in accordance with the legislation in force in Spain, Law 14/2007 on Biomedical Research and the Royal Decree of Biobanks 1716/2011. This guarantees the confidentiality of the samples and associated data.

The IdiPAZ Biobank provides researchers with an agile channel to access samples, their products and data associated with quality assurances and ethical-legal adaptation.

The obtaining, and if necessary the revocation, of the patient's informed consent is controlled, giving the same all the required information. Special attention is given to guarantee the protection of privacy and the confidential treatment of personal data contained in the IdiPAZ Biobank, clinical data and research results.

Thanks to this, the development of a continuous dynamic of analysis and evaluation of the needs of the users of the Biobank is favored. In addition, the activity of the IdiPAZ Biobank is made known and valued to society and, especially, in the field of patient and affected associations.

The IdiPAZ Biobank will provide benefits at different levels, starting with donors, patients, society in general and the clinicians and researchers involved. It also aims to facilitate communication and cooperation of different groups with common interests both nationally and internationally.

All of this will result in a higher quality of research and an increase in scientific production, without forgetting the strict compliance with the regulations on Data Protection and the Rights to Privacy and Confidentiality of all patients (Organic Law 3/2018 and Regulation General Data Protection 2016/679).


Biobank´s Science Coordinator
Paloma Gómez Campelo
Biobank´s Coordinator of Professionals/Experts
Marina Arranz Álvarez
HUB Organoids Manager
Laura Córdoba García
Senior Experts in Pathology
Sandra Nieto Torrero
Yaiza Pedroche Just
Celia García García
Susana García Pérez
Phone: (+34) 91 207 15 12 
Scientific Director: 91 727 75 76 (Ext. 44 2623)
Bioobank: +34 91 207 11 91 (Ext. 44 1191)
Paseo de la Castellana 261
Hospital Universitario La Paz
Maternity Building 1ª Floor 

Biobank Support Committees
Scientific Committee
David Hardisson Hernáez. Chariman
Francisco Arnalich Fernández
Inmaculada Ibáñez de Cáceres
Enrique Espinosa Arranz
Eduardo López Granados
Alicia Hernández Gutiérrez




Para la solicitud de muestras al Biobanco de IdiPAZ, por favor, siga el procedimiento detallado a continuación:

1. Contact the Biobank to request information and advice:

2. Complete the Biobank Sample Request Form and send it by e-mail; including the following documentation:
  • Project report
  • Report of the Ethics Committee
  • Principal Investigator's CV
3. Evaluation of the application by the Scientific Committee of the Biobank, the Ethics Committee for Research with Medicines of the Hospital Universitario La Paz and the Management and Coordination of the IdiPAZ Biobank.

4. The resolution will be communicated to the applicant, and the sample assignment agreement will be signed, including the commitments to be accepted by the applicant, as well as shipping and invoicing information

It is recommended that researchers who need samples for a research project, prior to submitting the project to the public call for proposals, consult the availability of the samples. The Biobank will issue an Availability Report of the requested samples.


lineaPortfolio of Services/Prices
Biobank Prices (BIO-TARIFAS-V6-16/03/2022)