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La Paz Research and Clinical Trials Unit (Unidad de Investigación Clínica y Ensayos Clinicos de La Paz, HULP-UICEC), is one of the IdiPAZ  supported platforms of investigation. Its purpose is to promote and support clinical research at La Paz University Hospital and establish collaboration links with other investigation centres. Presently HULP-UICEC is integrated in the Spanish Clinical Research Network (SCReN).

Its wide portfolio of services provides support to researchers in designing, setting-up (including IRBs and Competent Authority approvals), management, analysis and report writing of clinical trials and research projects. As Trials Managers, assists the Principal Investigators in the preparation of feasibility and financial reports, administrative task (i.e., investigators coordination, schedule of visits), as well as projects development and research, particularly in the recruitment and follow-up of patients and data collection, assist in audit, inspections and adverse drug reactions management according to regulatory procedures, among other tasks. We also perform nursing activities and laboratory management, obtaining, processing and shipping the samples to central laboratories. All operations are GCP compliant as needed.

HULP-UICEC also runs a Phase I-II Trial Unit; the facilities and equipment allows harbour early phase clinical trials both in healthy volunteers and patients (children and adults). 


Dr. Jesús Frías Iniesta  
Technical Coordinator
Dr. Alberto M. Borobia
Telephone: (+34) 912 071 466
Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Antonio J. Carcas
Safety and Pharmacovigilance Coordinators
Dr. Antonio J. Carcas
Dr. Elena Ramírez
Responsible for Pharmacovigilance
Irene García García
Responsible for Quality
Blanca Duque Bascuñana
Project Manager / Senior Monitor
Paloma Moraga Alapont
Project Manager Paediatrics Oncology Trials
Paula Valle Simón
Clinical Trials Monitor
Victoria Hernández Rubio
Víctor Alelú Hernández
Marina Aparicio
Junior Clinical Research Associate
Nuria Álvarez Ortego
Clinical Trials Nurses 
Vega Mauleón Martínez
Raquel de Madariaga Castell
Laura Vitón Vara
Paula de la Rosa Vega

Marta Sanz García
Laboratory Technician
Pilar Ayllón
Data Manager
Amparo Sánchez
Nursing supervisor
Patricia Luna Castaño
Cristina Miragall Roig
Telephone: + 34 912 071 466


Any hospital researcher can apply for support in relation to clinical trials with drugs or medical devices, post-marketing studies, etc., and at any stage in this type of study (before the start of it, during implementation or after completion of the clinical phase) according to the portfolio of services from UICEC, the researcher will be given the necessary support. In addition, the facilities which UICEC has at its disposal are available to researchers at the hospital so they can perform the various activities of any study. Finally, the clinical trials unit at UICEC La Paz has the necessary infrastructures in order to perform intervention studies, both independent and commercial, requested by hospital researchers or other external sponsors.


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