Organization chart

Research Ethics Committee with Medical Products

Almudena Castro Conde. Head of Section of Cardiology Department 
Jesús Frías Iniesta. Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Department. Representative of Research Committee
Technical Secretary:
Emma Fernández de Uzquiano. Head of the Technical Secretary
José Manuel Añón Elizalde. Head of Section of Intensive Medicine Department
José Ignacio Bernardino de la Serna. Assistant Physician-Internal Medicine Department
Nora Butta Coll. Head of Research Laboratory of Coagulopathies and Alterations of Haemostasis. Researcher of the IdiPAZ
Fernando Cabañas González. Head of Pediatrics and Neonatology
Quiron Salud  Madrid University Hospital. Researcher of the IdiPAZ
Filiberto Chuliá Fernández. Lawyer, Head of the legal Department
Mariana Díaz Almiron. Data analyst. Biostatistics Platform
María Dolores Diestro Tejeda. Assistant Physician-Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department 
Jaime Fernández-Bujarrabal Villoslada. Assistant Physician-Pneumology Department
María Justa García-Matres Cortés. Assistant Physician–Urology Department. Representative of Clinical Ethics Committee
Mercedes Gasior Kabat.Assistant Physician-Hematology Department
Pedro Herranz Pinto. Head of Dermatology Department
Carlos Lahoz Rallo. Assistant Physician-Internal Medicine Department
Nuria Rodríguez Salas. Assistant Physician-Medical Oncology Department
Miriam Romero Portales. Assistant Physician-Digestive System Department
Filomena Trocoli González. Nurse. Supervisor of Nephrology Department
Alejandra Vilanova Sánchez. Assistant Physician-Pediatric Surgery Department
Elena Villamañán Bueno. Assistant Clinical Pharmacist-Pharmacy Department
Rosa Villanueva Peña. Assistant Physician-Psychiatry Department
Members from outside the institution:
Evaristo Moliné Jorques. Layperson and Patient representative
Eva Prieto Utiel. Assistant Clinical Pharmacist of Primary Care-Pharmacy Department
Technical Secretary:
Elena García Mendez. Pharmacist
Sol de Gracia García. Administrative Assistant
María Isabel Arribas Álvarez. Administrative

Phone: +34 91 727 74 13
Fax: +34 91 727 10 36
General Hospital, 8 floor

Official documents are available to download in the Spanish section of this webside.
Official documents are available to download in the Spanish section of this webside.