María José Mellado Peña
Jefe de Servicio
Hospital Universitario La Paz
Fernando Baquero Artigao
Facultativo Especialista de Área de Pediatría 
Profesor asociado
Hospital Universitario La Paz
Francisco José Climent Alcalá
Facultativo Especialista de Área de Pediatría. Unidad de Patología Compleja
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Hospital Universitario La Paz
Univesidad Autónoma de Madrid
Luis Escosa  García
Facultativo Especialista de Área en Pediatría
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Marta García Fernández de Villalta
Facultativo Especialista de Área de Pediatría
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María Milagros García López de Hortelano
Médico Adjunto de Pediatría Hospitalaria y Enfermedades Infecciosas y Tropicales
Hospital Universitario La Paz
Roi Piñeiro Pérez
Jefe Asociado del Servicio de Pediatría
Hospital General de Villalba
Talía Sainz Acosta
Facultativo Especialista de Área en Pediatría
Profesor colaborador
Hospital Universitario La Paz
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Strategic Objective
1. Vertically acquired HIV infection in children: Comorbidities,  biomarkers, HIV reservoir, new therapeutic approaches.
2. Epidemiology of Paediatric Tuberculosis is Spain: molecular epidemiology of drug resistant strains, new diagnostic tools and new drugs for TB: Pharmacodynamics in children and TB-drugs Off-label use in paediatrics.
3. Congenital infections: burden of disease, prompt diagnosis and in-utero and postnatal management, host immune response.
4. Epidemiology of imported and emergent diseases in children: Identification and management of emergent outbreaks. Immuno-pathogenesis, preventive measures and management.
5. Immunization strategies in children: immune response in high risk patient’s vaccine effectiveness and barriers.
Research Lines
Vertically acquired HIV infection in children
   - Immuno-pathogenesis: Immune-activation, inflammation and biomarkers
- Epidemiology, immuno-virological factors
- Comorbidities, long term follow-up, cardiovascular risk, bone disorders, metabolic abnormalities, neurocognitive impairment, renal dysfunction.
- Antiretroviral treatment: new drugs, resistances, dosage, toxicity in children, simplification strategies.
- HIV eradication: barriers, HIV reservoir, new antiretroviral drugs and other strategies to achieve HIV replication control.
- Gut Microbiota and bacterial traslocation intestinal as modulating factors for inflammation and immune-activation in HIV-infected  children.
- Transition to adult care: barriers, strategies to maintain adherence to care.
Epidemiology of paediatric Tuberculosis (TB).
   - Epidemiology of paediatric TB. Paediatric cases as as a sentinel for burden of diseases.
- Molecular epidemiology of paediatric TB: resistant strains.
- Immuno-pathogenesis: New diagnostic tools in special Populations: HIV-infected, ID patients, migrants and Internationally adopted children
- Management of critical situations. Neonatal TB, multidrug resistant and extra-pulmonary TB.
- New fixed-dosed combinations. Off label drugs in children. Pharmacodinamic and pharmacokinetic.
Congenital infectious diseases
   - Congenital Citomegalovirus and Toxoplasma infections: diagnostic barriers, prognostic factors, new therapeutic approaches. 
- CHAGAS disease and congenital TB: diagnostic barriers, prognostic factors, pharmacokinetics in newborns and new drugs.
Epidemiology of imported and emergent diseases in children
  - Paediatric International Outbreaks: Epidemiology and public health impact:  Zika. Rabies. Dengue. Chikungunya. Haemorragic fevers, Mers-co.
- Imported diseases in Spain: epidemiology and special populations: adopted, migrant, refugees, travelers and ID children
Immunization strategies in children, including high risk patients
   - Immunization and vaccine response in special populations: immunocompromised children, transplant recipients, chronic patients, HIV-infected, migrants.
- Vaccine immunogenicity: barriers in paediatric populations.