Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas
Jefe Servicio de Geriatría
Hospital Universitario de Getafe
David Bernal López
Gestor de proyectos europeos de investigación
Hospital Universitario de Getafe
José Antonio Carnicero Carreño
Data Manager. Investigador Senior
Hospital Universitario de Getafe
Betty Davies Urizar
Médico Adjunto en Geriatría
Hospital Universitario de Getafe
Mariam El Assar de la Fuente
Investigadora Postdoctoral
Patricia Laosa Zafra
Investigadora Postdoctoral
Hospital Universitario de Getafe
Laura Pedraza Sepúlveda
Framacóloga Clínica
Hospital Universitario de Getafe
Laura Rivero Álvarez
Gestora de Proyectos Europeos de Investigación
Hospital Universitario de Getafe
Patricia Sosa Callejas
Investigadora Postdoctoral
Hospital Universitario de Getafe

Strategic Objective
This research area, has been developed along the last 25 years by our group, with outstanding contributions to several aspects of the field, ranging from basic science (endothelial function, role of lab and image biomarkers, magnetoelectroencephalography, musculoskeletal function…) to clinical and epidemiological research, raising data that have allowed to promote technological devices (platform to detect, treat and monitor functional decline in an non-obtrusive way) and leading to the creation of a technological SME (MG Biomed) .
Research Lines
• Endothelial dysfunction associated with aging, diabetes and obesity.
• Clinical aspects of frailty.
• New Technologies Applied to Frailty, functional decline and Healthy Aging.