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The documentalist platform is responsible for the analysis, maintenance and dissemination of the scientific production generated by the Institute. This production is collected both in the bibliometric reports that are published on the IdiPAZ website as well as in the Institute's Research Report which is published annually and in which all the research activity of our research groups is collected. Also key is the support of the unit to the scientific management when carrying out internal evaluations of researchers or research groups.

The platform provides support to all IdiPAZ researchers when performing bibliographic searches, managing ORCID, CVN or different researcher profiles, advising on scientific evaluation, advising on quality criteria for scientific publications and any training related to this service.
This platform has also played a key role in publicizing and promoting open access policies, as well as participating in the initiatives carried out by public institutions for the creation of institutional repositories.

Through the documentalist, IdiPAZ members can print the posters that will be used to disseminate the results of their research at the congresses of their specialties.

The main objectives of the platform are:

  • To show society the relevance of scientific research conducted at IdiPAZ.

  • Facilitate transparency and maximize the impact of the scientific production of the institute.

  • Collaborate in the transmission of knowledge generated in the IdiPAZ environment.


Raúl Román Cañizares
Telephone: +34 91 727 75 76


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