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In accordance with the duty to provide information set out in article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002 of 11 July, governing information society and electronic commerce services (Ley 34/2002 de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico), you are advised that the URL (the "Site") is a domain owned by the FUNDACIÓN PARA LA INVESTIGACIÓN BIOMÉDICA DEL HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO LA PAZ ("FIBHULP"), with registered office at Paseo de la Castellana 261, 28046 Madrid, and tax identification number G83727057. This company is duly registered at the Spanish Foundations Registry (Registro de Fundaciones) for the autonomous community of Madrid, as the 1st entry on page 368, volume LXVII, sheet 1 to 30, dated 1 December 2003. You can contact us via email at, or by telephone on the following number: (+34) 91 727 75 76.

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Notwithstanding the foregoing, users who access this website can visualize the contents and make, given the case, authorized private copies as long as the reproduced elements will not be transferred afterwards to a third party, they will not be installed in servers connected to networks either, neither will they be object of any kind of commercial exploitation. This website contains connections to third-party web pages (links), including the Internet pages of different Public Administrations and private entities, which have been considered of interest to users. Nevertheless, FIBHULP does not assume any responsibility derived from the connection or contents of third party links referred to in this website. The establishment of a link does not imply in any case the existence of business or contractual relationships between the FIBHULP and the owner of the website in which it is established, nor the acceptance and/or approval by FIBHULP of its contents or services.

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Establishing links

Users who intend to establish a link between their website and the IdiPAZ's website must take into account the following:

1. The first step that must be taken to create the link is to send a written application to the following address:

Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research

IdiPAZ Building

Paseo de la Castellana, 261 28046 Madrid

Att.: Secretaría Técnica

or by email to

2. Only linking to this Web's homepage is allowed, being expressly forbidden its reproduction in any form as well as the creation of frame(s) and placement of trademarks or logos on it.

3. The website in which the link is established may not contain information or graphic contents contrary to morality, public policy and current legislation, or infringe third parties intellectual property or any other rights.

4. The compliance with these requirements and the establishment of a link does not confer any rights and in no way implies the existence of authorization or any relations between the FIBHULP and the owner of the website in which it is established, nor does it imply the acceptance or approval of the contents or services on behalf of IdiPAZ. Therefore, it will not be stated or implied that IdiPAZ has expressly authorised the link, nor that it has supervised or assumed any of the services offered.

IdiPAZ will not be held responsible in any way, nor does it guarantee the quality, exactness, reliability, correctness or morality of the contents or services of the website from which the link is established. The user assumes the sole responsibility of those consequences, damages or actions which might derive from access to the website including the link.

In any case, the will of IdiPAZ to maintain or not that link will prevail at all times. Consequently, the owner of the website in which the link is established is forced to remove the link if that is the will of IdiPAZ.

IdiPAZ details

Acronym: IdiPAZ

Full name: Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research

Address: Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research. IdiPAZ Building. Paseo de la Castellana, 261. 28046 Madrid. Spain

Telephone: +34 91 727 75 30


Appropriate citation of IdiPAZ

In addition to the affiliation they wish to make when citing in scientific publications, IdiPAZ must always appear. It is up to the author of the article whether or not to write the IdiPAZ acronym in full. The full name in Spanish is "Instituto de Investigation Sanitaria del Hospital Universitario La Paz" and in English "Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research".